Sarah Chapin

B.A., Southern New Hampshire University
Paralegal Certification, Boston University

I live in Amesbury with my husband, Matt.  We have three kids that all attend BCA.  We have two Cockapoos, Han Solo and Chewbacca.  My background is family law (paralegal) but I really love Christian education and I believe very much in the mission of BCA. I began subbing at both the lower and upper schools two years ago and have really enjoyed my time here.  I’m excited to make a slight pivot from assisting teachers to assisting the admissions team this year. I often say to new parents (as I, too, am a parent here), BCA truly is everything we think/want it to be, and I can say that as someone who is “on the inside”.  The staff and administration CARE about our kids.  They KNOW our kids.  They WANT to see our kids succeed.  BCA is truly a loving and safe environment where our kids can be who God created them.