Boys Basketball Prep NEPSAC Awards

Congratulations to our outstanding boy prep basketball team and coach for their remarkable achievements this season! Kur Teng, your dedication and talent have rightfully earned you the title of NEPSAC AA Player of the Year. What an incredible accomplishment! And to Vin Pastore, your leadership and guidance have led our team to greatness, earning you the well-deserved title of NEPSAC AA Coach of the Year.

Let’s also give a huge round of applause to George Turkson Jr. and Warren Keel Jr. for their All-NEPSAC honors! Your hard work and skill have truly shined on the court. And Honorable Mention to Antonio Pemberton and Umari Seney. Your contributions to the team have not gone unnoticed.

We couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of you. Your dedication, teamwork, and passion have brought us to victory this championship season. Go Sentinels!