Spiritual Life

Bradford Christian Academy has a diverse student body in many ways including religious background. We welcome students in every stage of their spiritual journey. Through our Bible classes we give students academic content and tools to be able to investigate God’s word and their own faith for themselves. In our chapel program we challenge students to dig deeper into their own personal beliefs and to reflect on how God is at work in their life. Because we are a small community teachers have the opportunity to get to know students personally and encourage them in their spiritual growth. We partner with local churches and ministries, bringing in guest speakers for chapel and providing community service opportunities.

Students at all levels attend chapel on a weekly basis. Chapel often features guest speakers  from a variety of backgrounds and areas of ministry. 

Lower School students attend chapel on Fridays. 

Students at the Upper School attend chapel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Chapel often features guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds and areas of ministry.