Creating a Foundation

Bradford Christian Academy strives to provide opportunities for all students to become extraordinary. Our enrichment classes enhance the overall elementary curriculum by exposing students to subjects not taught in the regular classroom.

The Fine Arts Department oversees the music and art programs that provide opportunities for children to be actively engaged in singing, playing instruments, performing, and different types of art and media through drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and collage.

The Spanish curriculum utilizes the latest elementary-specific World Language pedagogy, including auditory learning using games, props, songs, and drama.  Technology is woven throughout the daily curriculum with the use of laptops and mobile learning labs.  Younger students learn basic skills involved in using technology tools, and their language and math skills are reinforced through the use of websites and apps.  Older elementary students learn to research and prepare projects using various online tools and media.

Our elementary physical education program promotes physical fitness necessary for healthy bodies.  Students participate in activities which develop skills to prepare them for many individual and group sports.

At Bradford Christian Academy, all of our enrichment classes support the academic, physical, and social growth of our students, allowing every student to become extraordinary.