Allowing All Students the Ability to Reach Their Potential

Bradford respects students’ diverse learning-styles and strengths. Our Academic Support Program, overseen by a credentialed academic support professional holding a Masters Degree in Special Education,  provides assessment, accommodations, and learning support to students at all grade levels who need individualized help to reach their academic potential.

Students are referred for academic support through the admission process, by parent request, or by teacher recommendation. When a teacher refers a student, we notify parents to obtain their consent before taking any other steps.  Our Academic Support Coordinator then reviews the student’s records and works with the student and parents to identify accurately the student’s need and the best ways to help the student engage fully in our academic program. The Academic Support Coordinator maintains on-going communication with the student, parents, and teachers to ensure the program meets student needs.

We are always happy to address parents’ questions about their student’s educational progress.  If you believe your student needs additional academic support, please let us know.