Enrichment Well Beyond the Classroom

At Bradford Christian Academy we’re uniting learning with purpose both inside and outside the classroom.  We strive to provide opportunities for our students to maximize their potential in all aspects of their lives, this is done both academically and through involvement in student life.

Offering outstanding athletics, visual and performing arts, as well as student government, clubs, and other opportunities; we’re confident BCA has something for everyone.  If you talk to most alum, they will quickly say, “get involved!” In fact, returning alumni continuously express some of their fondest memories are getting involved in extra-curricular activities here at BCA.

Be sure to check out our athletics pages to learn about our championship sports teams and discover the exciting athletic opportunities for all BCA students.  

Browse through our visual and performing arts pages and learn more about our award-winning arts programs and how our students are engaging in, and transforming culture through the arts.

Discover the array of opportunities our students have to develop their leadership skills through student government, National Honor Society, overseas missions trips, community service opportunities, and many more.

Finally, don’t hesitate to call or reach out to learn more how your student can unite learning with purpose through our numerous student life activities.

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