Welcome To Bradford Christian Academy


Every day, I have the opportunity to see how our teachers and students unite learning with purpose. Although it’s a daily mission I don’t take lightly, it wasn’t until my own children started school that I realized that a quality Christian education was a necessary component of my parenting. On a bright September morning in 2001, I walked my oldest daughter to the front door of our local public  school to begin first grade. A teacher came out and called my daughter’s name along with the names of twenty-three other children. My daughter reluctantly let go of my hand and went with the teacher. As the doors closed behind her newly formed first grade class, I realized that I would have little involvement with the individuals, values, and relationships shaping my daughter’s mind and heart for many of her growing up years. 

Little did I know as I sent my daughter to first grade, that I was about to begin a journey of my own as I began speaking with other parents who also wanted greater participation in their children’s education. In 2004, out of the diligent  prayers and efforts of these families, Bradford Christian Academy was created around a shared set of values: 

Encouraging Family Involvement – BCA invites you into the school community as we partner in the education of your child.

Connecting Faith and Learning – There is no subject where God’s presence and participation is not evident. BCA teachers actively integrate Christian faith and learning with your child in every academic subject area at every grade level.

Cultivating Each Student’s Unique Gifts and Potential – Our small class sizes enable teachers to know your child well enough to recognize and cultivate his or her unique gifts in academics, the arts, and athletics. 

Providing Academic Excellence – We take academics seriously as we prepare your child for college admission beginning in kindergarten! Our track record speaks for itself as hundreds of colleges have accepted our students. BCA graduates receive an average of $25,000 per year in college scholarships making BCA pay for itself in return on your investment. 

Offering Affordability – Our Variable Tuition Program customizes tuition payments to fit your family’s budget. 

It is my hope that you feel inspired by what you learn about BCA and that you will want to see for yourself all that BCA has to offer your family. I look forward to personally welcoming you to our vibrant, joyful community.

For Christ’s Kingdom,

Vicki Kennedy
President and Head of School

Vicki Kennedy

Vicki Kennedy

Head of School