Continuous Enrollment at BCA

We are delighted that you have decided to enroll at Bradford Christian Academy! This page contains the information you need to complete your enrollment. We hope you find the process clear and simple. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Director of Admission, Amy Maranville.

Here are the steps that new families need to take to complete the enrollment process at BCA.

  1. If you wish to participate in BCA’s Variable Tuition program, please make application through FACTS, and independent company that collects families’ financial data.
  2. Pay your deposit electronically, please click here. Or, send your $500 deposit check to Bradford Christian Academy, 97 Oxford Avenue, Haverhill, MA 01835, Attention: Enrollment.While Continuous Enrollment dramatically simplifies enrollment at BCA, there are still a couple steps families need to take from year to year.
  3. Sign and submit BCA’s Continuous Enrollment Agreement.
    BCA uses a Continuous Enrollment Agreement to govern the relationship between our families and the school. Upon entry into BCA, families tell BCA once and for all that their children will be remaining at BCA until graduation or until a family informs us otherwise. This “one and done” agreement means that you don’t need to worry about completing reenrollment forms each year.

At Bradford Christian Academy (“BCA”), we consider it a privilege to assist parents/guardians in fulfilling their responsibility to teach their children and to provide our students with an education of academic and spiritual excellence. We thank you for choosing BCA for your child(ren)’s/student’s education.

The following sections detail the terms of the Continuous Enrollment Agreement between BCA and the parent/guardian. By signing this Continuous Enrollment Agreement (“Enrollment Agreement”), you agree to the following:

1. Acknowledgement: Parent/Guardian acknowledges that the policies, procedures, and practices of BCA, including, but not limited to, those set forth in the Bradford Christian Academy Parent/Student Handbook, and the annual tuition rates published by the school on its website are incorporated in this Enrollment Agreement by reference. Accordingly, parent/guardian agrees to abide by all such policies, procedures, and practices and acknowledges that the same will be subject to periodic modification by BCA in its sole discretion. This Enrollment Agreement may also be modified periodically by BCA in its sole discretion. In such cases, adequate notification of such modification to the Enrollment Agreement by BCA will be provided to parent/guardian.

Parent/Guardian represents and warrants that the household/billing information provided to BCA upon acceptance is accurate and that the parent/guardian will immediately notify BCA of any changes. Parent/Guardian understands enrollment at BCA is a privilege, not a right, and suspension of enrollment or termination of enrollment is at the sole discretion of the BCA administration. During the term of this Enrollment Agreement, parent/guardian does hereby promise and agree to fully and timely pay BCA (in accordance with the payment plan selected) all tuition, charges, fees, and assessments associated with the student’s admission, enrollment, and/or program participation at BCA. The tuition for the next school year is set by the BCA Board of Directors in December of the then current school year, is published on the school’s website, and is incorporated into this agreement. Parent/guardian understands that the maximum tuition level is due from families who choose not to apply or do not qualify for variable tuition.

2. Term: Parent/Guardian understands and agrees that this Enrollment Agreement extends until the graduation of the student(s) from BCA or the termination of this Enrollment Agreement as provided herein. Accordingly, the term of this Enrollment Agreement shall be in effect for the academic year in which the student is enrolled and shall renew automatically for each successive academic year until graduation from BCA, unless and until this Enrollment Agreement is terminated by BCA or written notice of termination from parent/guardian is received in the BCA Business Office on or before March 15th of each year during the term. Such written notice of termination may be emailed to the BCA Business Office at: Simply stated, if a student will not be returning to BCA the following school year, the parent/guardian must notify the Business Office in writing by March 15th of the then current school year that such student(s) will not be returning to BCA the following school year. If your family is uncertain if your child(ren)/student(s) will be returning to BCA the following school year, the Business Office will grant an extension upon receipt of your written request for an extension. This written request must be received by the Business Office in writing by March 15th of the then current school year. Parent/Guardian acknowledges that the tuition and fees charged for the academic year are for an enrollment place within BCA and not for a specified period of attendance. Accordingly, the absence of a student during that academic year does not materially reduce the expenses of BCA. Parent/Guardian agrees that the absence, academic failure, or withdrawal of the student during the academic year shall not excuse, alter, abate or nullify the parent’s/guardian’s obligations for payment of tuition and certain other charges and fees through the academic year.

3. Payment: Parent/Guardian understands that payment of tuition for the following school year is due to BCA in full by July 1stof each year. However, for the convenience of parents/guardians, BCA currently offers two tuition payment plans (listed below). A tuition deposit of $500 for each student for the following school year will be due by March 31st of the current school year. Deposits not received by March 15th are subject to a late fee charge of $50.

Annual Payment Plan – full tuition due by July 1st of each year. A 3% discount will be applied to tuition balance under this payment plan.

10 Installment Payment Plan – ten equal tuition payments are due July through April through FACTS Tuition Management Company. Parents/guardians are responsible for setting up a payment account with FACTS at: An administrative fee will be charged by FACTS when FACTS tuition management enrollment is complete.

All text books are the property of Bradford Christian Academy and will be returned upon the close of the school year or withdrawal of the student. Parents/guardians agree to pay for book replacement for books not returned or damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

4. Withdrawals: Parent/Guardian understands that the overhead expenses of the school do not diminish with the withdrawal of some students and that (upon full execution of this Enrollment Agreement by BCA and the parent/guardian) the parent/guardian accepts the obligation to pay the tuition and other fees in full for the entire academic year for which the student remains enrolled if the student withdrawal notification is received after the first day of the new school year. With written student withdrawal notice to BCA, BCA has the following withdrawal policy related to tuition:

Written student withdrawal notice submitted from April 1st through June 30th – $500 deposit is non-refundable.

Written student withdrawal notice submitted from July 1st to the first day of the new school year – 25% of the annual tuition will be due and payable.

Written student withdrawal notice submitted after the first day of the new school year – 100% of the annual tuition will be due and payable.
The tuition deposit for the following school year is fully refundable if withdrawal is completed on or before March 31st of the then current school year. The three exceptions are:

If applying for variable tuition, the tuition deposit is fully refundable through April 30th of the then current school year (and no tuition for the following school year will be due) if sufficient variable tuition is not awarded. Written notice of termination from parent/guardian must be received in the Business Office of BCA on or before April 30th. A variable tuition application must have been on file with BCA’s third party administrator, currently FACTS Tuition and Aid, no later than March 15th.

A tuition deposit refund shall be granted should BCA terminate this Enrollment Agreement between March 15th and before the next school year begins. Simply stated, if BCA asks your child not to return the following school year, any tuition deposit will be refunded.

If your family is uncertain if your child(ren)/student(s) will be returning to BCA, an extension will be granted only if you notify the Business Office at in writing by March 15th.

5. Eligibility: Parent/Guardian understands that student(s) may not attend classes and/or participate in any school-sponsored activities, including sports, until all enrollment, registration, and health forms, including, without limitation, a signed Enrollment Agreement, are received. Furthermore, all deposits, as well as tuition installments that are due must be paid to date.

6. Variable Tuition: Parent/Guardian understands that if student(s) qualifies for a variable tuition award, there may be additional requirements that must be accepted and fulfilled before the tuition award will be applied to the student’s tuition account. For example, the award may be held until tax returns or other requested documentation is verified or past due accounts are paid.

7. Delinquent Accounts: BCA reserves the right to forward the collection of tuition 90 days past due to a professional collections agency and/or small claims court. This will include notification to the local and national credit bureaus and may include employing legal resources if deemed necessary. Additionally, any legal or other fees incurred by BCA as a result of the collection of delinquent accounts will become the sole responsibility of the delinquent guarantor (the party who assumes contractual responsibility upon enrollment).

8. Returned Checks: Parent/Guardian understands that a $30 service charge will be assessed per returned check or rejected withdrawal. Parent/Guardian also understands that after three (3) returned checks or withdrawals, payments by the parent/guardian may only be made with cash, cashier’s check, money order, or credit/debit card.

9. Dispute Resolution: The undersigned parent/guardian agrees to abide by BCA’s dispute resolution policy set forth in the Parent/Student Handbook to address all disputes or disagreements with BCA.

I/we understand the Enrollment Agreement and agree to the terms as outlined above for the following student(s):

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Option 1: Full payment due on or before July 1st. A tuition discount of 3% applies to this option for families not receiving variable tuition. If full payment is not received by Bradford Christian Academy by July 1st, the tuition discount will be voided. Option 2: Ten automatic monthly payments from July through April. Payments must be made through the FACTS Tuition Management Company. An administrative fee will be charged by FACTS when FACTS tuition management enrollment is complete. If you are not currently using FACTS, go to to register for this option.
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