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Servida graduation edited squareWhy Give to Bradford?

Because Every Child Deserves to Learn and Grow in a Safe, Nurturing Environment.

November 20, 2017

“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” BCA students have been reciting these famous words this fall as they rehearsed for our production of The Wizard of Oz. Last week, as I watched our cast confidently perform this timeless story, I realized that for our students, past and present, “There’s no place like BCA.” Our school strives to nurture each student toward spiritual, intellectual, and emotional maturity and cultivate a community where each student can truly belong. Jenny Servida, whose son, Uno, graduated from BCA in 2014, recently told us about how “there was no place like BCA” for him. I was so moved by her story that I want to share it with you. Jenny writes:

When we were looking at schools for our son, Uno, we looked for high academic standards and strong Christian values. We were delighted to find that BCA met those requirements and quickly learned it also had a loving community. The administration, faculty, and other parents soon became our extended family. Being immigrants from the Philippines, we felt blessed by this heartwarming lifeline. 

I believe it was this loving community that gave my son the confidence to try anything and everything until he found his niche. He ran for student council, auditioned for plays, and got involved in sports. He won some, and he lost some. Through it all, the acceptance he felt from the community helped him get past his disappointments and move on to the next thing with gusto.

Uno’s “niche” soon became apparent! None of us, including Uno, knew he had a talent for acting and singing until BCA brought it out of him.  As he became more involved in theater, his confidence, leadership, and communication skills blossomed. The constant support from staff and faculty propelled Uno to new heights. As a mother, I am grateful I could entrust my son into safe, nurturing hands.  

When our family encountered financial difficulties that would have prevented us from re-enrolling Uno, we experienced a new aspect of BCA’s loving community. The generosity of BCA’s patrons and donors allowed him to receive aid through the school’s tuition assistance program and continue his education at BCA.

Today, as a senior at UMass Amherst, Uno is continuing to pursue his passion for acting and singing. As parents, we burst with pride as we marvel at his talent. We will be forever grateful to your school for providing a safe environment that birthed this great talent in Uno. 

Jenny’s story confirms what I see when I walk the halls of BCA and watch all of our students experiencing what Uno did as they are nurtured daily toward their God-given potential. You play a vital role in providing BCA’s transformational education for students like Uno. In fact, we could not offer our programs without your faithful participation in the school’s Academy Fund.

BCA’s Academy Fund provides much-needed tuition assistance for more than one-third of our student body—over 70 students—and it enhances our academic and co-curricular programs for every student.  Through your generous year-end donation to BCA’s Academy Fund, you are investing in the future of students like Uno. You are ensuring that for all our students, present and future, there continues to be “no place like BCA.”

Will you give today? Your gift of any amount will make a world of difference in the life of a student.

We are so grateful for your support, and we deeply appreciate your partnership in sustaining our wonderful BCA community. Thank you!


Victoria Kennedy
Head of School

Give to Bradford today and help our students reach their true potential.