Faculty Stories:

Miguel Quinones

My favorite thing about BCA is that I get to educate and coach while being able to talk about God freely. I wasn’t allowed to do this in many of my previous jobs and always felt that God was the solution in many of my conversations.

Faculty Stories

Sarah Gilbert

Mrs. Gilbert says her favorite part about BCA is “the sense of peace I feel everyday walking into work, and I hope my students feel the same way when they come to school everyday.”

Parent Stories

Michelle Beckley

Meet BCA parent, Michele, and hear a parent’s perspective on how BCA shapes students’ character and intellect during middle school. 

Faculty Stories:

Nicole Dole

Meet our Executive Assistant to the Upper School; Mrs. Dole! Mrs. Dole has been at BCA for 5 years and loves working at BCA because she has the freedom to share her love for Christ!

Family Experiences:

The McAteer Family

We love BCA’s ability to lead a quality education with a blend of religion and faith. Our daughter, Paige, (7th Grade) loves the small class sizes. The dedication the teachers have to helping the students be the best version of themselves. We choose BCA because we wanted a safe, learning environment more in line with our values.

Alumni Experiences

AJ Lesburt

BCA has really connected me with my faith. I’ve been most impacted by the community and what it brings; a sense of family. I feel safe and comfortable talking to anyone here.

Family Experiences

The Vigo Family

Lemuel (8th grade) is homeschooled but attends BCA for science and physical education. He is enjoying his experience and every week looks forward to go to school.  We are thankful to BCA for providing such an awesome environment of learning and growing.

Faculty Stories

Michaela Hume

I love that at BCA,we have the opportunity and blessing of praying with our students and demonstrating the love of God. I love that BCA is a joyful and safe environment.