Education Customized for You

Bradford Christian Academy teaches an engaging liberal arts curriculum that integrates the Christian faith with all other areas of academic learning. By providing challenging college preparatory courses that develop ethically based critical-thinking skills, BCA prepares students for ongoing intellectual and spiritual growth as global citizens, who will make a difference in a complex and changing world.

BCA values foundational learning, classic literature, technical competency in language arts and mathematics, global studies and excellent communication skills and extends our training beyond the classrooms and science labs to develop these skills throughout the curriculum. Students learn effective expression of ideas by developing strong, clear writing, speaking, rhetoric, and logic skills that thoroughly prepare them for college, careers, and service in today’s world.

BCA’s highly experienced faculty use an interdisciplinary approach to instruction, teaching students the interconnectedness of knowledge across subject areas. By keeping class sizes small, students benefit from teachers who know them well and encourage them as individuals to cultivate their God-given gifts, talents, and interests.