The goal of the music program at Bradford Christian Academy is to discover and develop the unique God-given musical talents of each student and to strive for excellence in the performance of high quality music from a diversity of styles and cultural traditions.

In the High School Choir, students learn fundamentals of vocal technique, music reading and part-singing skills.  The choir sings music from a variety of styles including classical, jazz, spirituals and gospel as well as music of different cultures and languages.  In addition to musical skills, students also develop the teamwork, cooperation and discipline necessary to perform together as an ensemble.

The High School Choir performs at the Christmas and Spring concerts as well as at school functions such as BCA’s Got Talent, the spring fundraising breakfast, Baccalaureate and Commencement.  This year, they will also be participating in the MICCA choral competition.

At the middle school level, all students take a Performance Class which incorporates elements of acting, dance and music.  In the music component of this class, students have the opportunity to perform music of a diversity of styles, developing their pitch and rhythm concepts and vocal skills.

High School students who play instruments have the opportunity to participate in the Performance Band which meets weekly as a class and accompanies the weekly chapel service.