Our middle school soccer program builds skills and knowledge and lays the foundation for competitive high school play.  This competitive, co-ed, team plays 6-10 games each season against private schools in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Coach: Miguel Andres QuiƱones

Noah Bositis

As if scoring a record breaking 13 goals in 6 middle school games was not enough, Noah Bositis showcased why he is arguably the best middle soccer player in New England by scoring 5 goals in one half on October 11th against Covenant Christian Academy. This athletic performance is what legends are made of while coaches inquire about this moment in BCA Soccer history.

Elijah Cottrell

When playing Bradford Christian Academy, opponents know they will have their hands full with the defense. BCA’s Eli Cottrell instructs his team effectively while giving strikers and any midfielder that attempts to score a challenge each and every time. Always in the hunt for defensive player of the year, Eli gives BCA the opportunity to win each and every game.

Ryan Hill

This years season success was anchored by the tremendous goalie play of Ryan Hill. Ryan showed a high level of skill in his position while being fearless and instinctive making it hard to score for any of our opponents.

Sydney Bautz

Sydney came to the team with a wealth of experience and with great skill as the girls leading scorer. Sydney dazzled her opponents with her dribbling skills and scoring ability.