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Experienced. Dedicated. Effective.

We know that making the decision about which school will be the best fit for your child is extremely important. We also know that the formative elementary years are paramount in establishing a solid foundation for academic success. For this reason we designed an intentionally multi-aged elementary program so that each student has access to a range of learning and small group instruction opportunities based on individual needs and strengths.

What truly distinguishes Bradford Christian Academy from other private schools in New England cannot be found in the descriptions of our curriculum or our extracurricular programs. Bradford has a devoted, nurturing faculty that is dedicated to the development of well-rounded students in an environment in which they develop their true potential.

Please take a moment and learn more about our exceptional faculty.



Margaret Cottrell, Dean of Students and Elementary Education

Faculty--Margy 2B.S. Biology/Exercise Physiology, Messiah College

M. Ed., George Mason University

As Dean of Students and Elementary Education, Margaret Cottrell oversees and supports the student experience.  She works with students, parents, and teachers to promote holistic student development relating to the spiritual, academic, personal and social growth of all of BCA’s students. Margaret Cottrell is Massachusetts certified in Varying Exceptionalities k-5, and Moderate Disabilities 6-12, Middle School Science, Health, and English as a Second language. Mrs. Cottrell has taught several different courses at BCA over the years and coordinates BCA’s Academic Support Program. Mrs. Cottrell graduated from Messiah College with degrees in Biology and Exercise Physiology.  Following graduation she lived in East Africa working for a relief and development agency serving refugees in the areas of water supply and educational programs.  She spent six years working internationally in Latin America and the Caribbean facilitating short-term relief and development teams. Mrs. Cottrell has a Masters from George Mason University in Education and over ten years of teaching experience. Prior to coming to BCA Mrs. Cottrell taught middle school in St. Petersburg, Fl. She also taught five years in MA in public and charter schools. Mrs. Cottrell and her husband, Mark, facilitate BCA’s  Service Abroad mission teams. They attend West Congregational Church in Haverhill, MA with their three children.


Gayle Lynch, Faculty, Grade 1

Faculty Gail LynchB.A., Maryville College

Gayle Lynch graduated from Maryville College with a B.A. in Elementary Education. She taught 2nd grade in Canton, Georgia for four years before moving to New England.  Committed to helping children,  Gayle has been involved in a wide variety of educational activities over the years, including teaching Sunday School and Missionettes, starting and leading a pre-school playgroup, being one of the founding families of Imajine That, and home educating her children for 10 years.  She is Massachusetts certified in Early Childhood and Elementary Education as well as a Highly Qualified Teacher in New Hampshire.  As an experienced educator with a passion for teaching, Mrs. Lynch teaches the 1st grade class at Bradford. She is an active member of Rockingham Christian Church in Salem, NH, where she resides with her husband and three children.



Jenneth Scharlach, Faculty, Grades 3 and 4

Faculty--Jenneth 2B.S., Elementary Education and Sociology, Gordon College

Previous to joining the Bradford staff, Jenneth Scharlach taught for eight years at Boxford Academy in Boxford, Massachusetts.  During that time, Mrs. Scharlach taught first grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, and sixth grade classes.  She also taught Latin to grades 2-8 and general music for grades K-8.  At Bradford, Jenneth teaches the combined 3rd and 4th grade classroom.  She is a founding member of the BCA faculty since the school’s opening in 2004.  She is an active member of Byfield Parish Church in Georgetown, MA.  Mrs. Scharlach grew up in Georgetown and lives there with her husband and son.