Why Give to BCA?

A Letter from BCA Parent, Lauren Becker

November 2019

Three years have passed since Todd and I enrolled our children in Bradford Christian Academy. Looking back, becoming part of the BCA community felt a bit like a calling. Whether you and I know each other already, or not yet, our stories, and perhaps our callings, already intersect.

Our calling centers around the desire to expose our children, in appropriate measure, to the beauty and the brokenness of this world. We want their eyes to be opened to the needs around them. Simultaneously, we want them to be well-equipped to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world. As we watch our kids engage with their neighbors and friends, we enjoy a confidence that through their education at BCA they are being developed in ways that will enable them to do so.

BCA focuses on developing authentic Christian faith, provides rigorous academic experience, fosters confidence through a community of care and belonging, promotes creativity, and emphasizes inquiry and service. We see the growth a BCA education fosters in our four children.

Our son Bentley is in 2nd grade. Last year, he was acknowledged with a class award: History Buff! We were delighted that his teacher had listened so well to Bentley that she would recognize how important history is to him. Our son Gavin is in 5th grade. His creativity and vitality are fed—not squelched—in the comfort of a small class, in which he is known and loved. William is in 7th grade. He has been able to engage in athletics, jazz band, and even one-on-one Latin class with his teacher. These are opportunities that would not be open to him elsewhere.

Our daughter Avery is in 9th grade. Through her time at BCA, she has blossomed into a confident leader, scholar, and talented musician. With Avery in particular, we see the difference between her experience at BCA and her years in public school. In some ways, Avery felt unknown in the public school setting. She felt as though her Christian faith, so core to her identity, was something to be hushed in the classroom.

I’ll never forget the first semester Avery spent at BCA. She was in 6th grade coming to the school mid-year. She had a lot of catching up to do in order to be where the other students were academically. In Scott McGowan’s class, the kids had been learning how to write an exegesis paper. Mr. McGowan allowed Avery to jump in and try her hand at writing this paper. She asked to use my Accordance Bible software, spent the day studying commentaries, and wrote a paper that Mr. McGowan later told her made him cry, it was so beautiful. My daughter was unleashed. Her faith was being cultivated and fortified. We knew BCA was home.

Bradford Christian Academy is preparing our children to fulfill the calling the Lord has placed on our hearts and on theirs. No doubt, they are learning to love people well, using the gifts God has so uniquely placed upon them.  And even now, they are living in the light of God’s love. It’s a high calling, an important calling, and one they are preparing for each time they walk through the front doors at BCA.

In my experience, the Lord does not call us to a mission we can complete on our own. Quite the opposite, He asks us to do things we could never accomplish without reliance upon Him and those He brings alongside us. As a family, we commit to bring our best to BCA through engagement in the community, application of our gifting, and in longstanding commitment to the school and its mission.

Simply put, we could not be at Bradford Christian Academy without the support of donors like you. Your donations matter—to the students, to the teachers, and to families like ours. This is where your calling intersects with ours. Thank you for saying yes to where God has called you to be a blessing and a beacon of hope to a generation of students! The world needs more of just that.

In Him,

Lauren A. Becker
BCA Parent and Associate Dean for Spiritual Formation, Gordon College

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