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Respectful. Professional. Unified.

Bradford Christian Academy, we are committed to supporting a positive school culture and see our dress code policy as an opportunity to demonstrate respectful, professional attire as well as school unity. We strongly feel that uniforms have many benefits to our community, including cohesion, consistency, and a positive environment within our high school.

BCA high school utilizes the uniform offerings from Lands’ End, and all students in grades 6-12 need to choose clothing (both tops and bottoms) from the Lands’ End Uniform clothing
line. Students in our focus groups have advised the school on items from the Lands’ End uniform offerings, and we have created a list of selections.

Once purchased, all uniform items need to be embroidered with the BCA logo via the Lands’ End website. This provides immediate clarity for parents, students, teachers, and administration about whether items are in line with dress code policy.