Where you send our child to Kindergarten is a big decision. These are the important aspects Bradford Christian Academy focuses on:

  • Developing a love for learning – Our teachers instill a passion for discovery and reflection. 
  • Maturing fine and gross motor skills – During this time of rapid skill development, our students focus on fine motor skills, such as using scissors to cut out shapes, and gross motor skills like skipping and hopping.
  • Growing emotionally and socially – Our classrooms encourage developing positive relationships with peers and adults including making good choices, resolving conflict, and managing emotions.
  • Connecting faith and learning – Daily Bible lessons help students grow in their love of God and His creation. 
  • Establishing foundations for literacy and math – With a strong focus on reading, writing, and math, we lay the groundwork for future academic achievement.

We hope the Parent Info Packet will help you make the right school decision.

Inside, you’ll find out what makes the Bradford Christian Academy experience unique. We offer rigorous academics integrated with a Christian faith perspective to students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. 

Call 978-373-7900 ext 11 or email marge.squire@bradfordchristianacademy.org to learn more today.